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November 7, 2009 we started our family! We have a little stud, who is our pride and joy. He is a wild, mischievous child, who makes us and everyone around him laugh. His personality is coming out more and more each day and we couldn't be happier. I cant wait to see what the rest of life will bring, but I am enjoying every step of the way. Thats us!

Friday, January 13, 2012

You know me!!!

As many of you know I just love Dayson and this blog mostly should be about Daysons and Dylans adventures. Any way I just have to write down a couple of things that seriously amazes me about Dayson and little things he does everyday to make us laugh.

His personality is seriously something else... He is so funny and mischievous. He has such a attitude I think he thinks he is a 3 year old stuck in a 1 and a half year old body. He is so stubborn and totally knows how to throw a fit...ugh this is the worst.

He is quite a little gentlemen he says "thank you" if you take something from him or give him something. He also will help clean up his toys, the other day he was ahead of me while I was carrying the grocery's and I dropped a bag. He turned around came back picked it up and handed it to me. I thought it was one of the nicest things he has picked up on. He also tries to help move things around the house if we are rearranging. He also loves loves loves to vacuum. What ever closet we have it in to hide it from him he finds it. He pulls it out pulls off the cord plugs it in the wall, puts his foot down on the lever to lower it, and turns it on and away he goes. I now wonder why I bought a roomba (robot vacuum) when he wants to vacuum every day.

He is talking a lot and now is having conversations with you. Here is a couple of things he has been saying.
~In nursery a lady asked me how old he was and most of the time he has his one little finger and says one. This time though he says "I two" and holds two fingers up.. They were like o hi. I replied um he is just 1 I don't know where he got that from.
~My friends husband was watching him the other day and he was talking to Dayson saying come sit buddy we are watching a good show(cars 2) he sits down by him under the blanket and looks at Danny and says "good show, good show".
~Today we got new couches and carpet in our basement and when they came I kept saying oooo Dayson they are so nice. Later when my mom showed up she was like ya they look nice and he went over to each couch and was petting them saying "so nice, so nice, and then went and pointed down stairs and said "so nice". It was weird though that he didn't go over to any of the old stuff and say it.
~Each night I wash my face and usually he is in the bathroom with me and watches. This morning I was getting ready and he climbs up by me, grabs the soap and puts it on his face turns on the water and splashed his face. He seriously catches on to everything.
~He is in love with apples if it was up to him that's all he would eat and that's all he says, other than "o shi!t" he picked up on that word once and now that's all he says repetitively. He was saying it so loud when I was check out at Walmart and the lady finally asked me what is he saying and I replied o he knows a bad word. She than was talking to Dayson saying that's a yucky word. I was so embarrassed that a lady was telling my son to not swear. Joe and I now just decided to not give him attention when he says it and try to make him replace it.
~ He now sleeps in his twin size bed. Every night I ask him where he wants to sleep and he says big bed and goes and climbs in. We haven't had a problem so far, with him falling off or climbing out. He knows the rule if he does get up he goes in the crib.
~He knows what timeout is. Usually if he is doing something bad I say stop and if he does it again I say do you want to go to time out and he replies no and usually doesn't do it again.
~Finally he has been such a climber he climbs onto anything. He moves our kitchen stools to get what ever he wants in the cupboards, it drives me nuts. I find him in some of the craziest/scariest places.
His personality is so dang funny he makes me laugh everyday. He laughs over everything and is happy if he gets sleep. I never new how much you can love another person until I had him. We are very happy and grateful we have him and Dylan.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pictures of Nov and December 2011

We have been so busy the 2011 holiday season. We went to LA for Thanksgiving to have it with my sister and her in laws it was so much fun. Joe went surfing and was swimming next to a Dolphin. We also went shopping, I don't think I can go back to shopping in St. George on black Friday, LA has more stores and better deals. After thanksgiving we have been to Salt Lake Dylan turned four and it was great to be able to spend it with him. Dayson also got to meet Santa for the first time. He was just wondering who the heck is this guy and kept touching his beard, he cracks me up. I love the holidays they are the best.

18/19 months

Dayson is now 19 months and man has the past couple of months been a handful. He has quite the attitude. I am not sure who he gets that from......OK probably me. He has been talking quite a bit lately and repeating a lot of what we are saying. I didn't think Joe and I swear but somehow he picked up the Sh** word. He always says o sh**, it kind of sounds like shoot so lets just say he says that. He has been into everything and I mean everything. The other day I was getting out our Christmas decorations and I left them in my basement, I go down stairs and he had broke all of my glass Christmas bulbs. I was so furious so I sent him up stairs while I sweep up the broken pieces and when I come up stairs he emptied our garbage and was eating all the leftovers. This leads me to my next subject that, he will not eat. Its a fight everyday to make him eat what I make. Sometimes I just have so many questions on how to parent, and if I am doing it right with his mischievous behavior. He still has a very sweet personality and heart. He says thank you to anyone who gives him stuff. He also steals toys from kids and says "mine", "thank you". Like I said before he is a sour but sweet little man. He counts to 5 on him little hands and with him little voice, its adorable. He pees in the toilet and is getting close to being potty trained. His new thing this week he yells MA MA MA till I give him attention and than he says I wuvv yoooo. He climbs on everything and has to touch everything. He makes us laugh all the time with things he picks up and does. His two best friends are Lucy our dog and Dylan. He is very social and I am pretty sure he is a daddy's boy. He is such a handful, but I am very glad he is healthy, curious, and very smart. Everyday he amazes us as to what he picks up and what he can do. I just home the terrible two's don't last another year and a half. At his 18 month check up his percentile was 69 percent for his weight and 70 in his height. Love this crazy boy!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Best hubby and DAD award!

Joe and I had our 2 year anniversary. I cant believe I have been married 2 years. It seems like it has flown by. We have been through a lot in the two years. We have had a lot of blessing and very grateful for them. We now have Dylan in our lives, we both have jobs, I am about to graduate, we purchased a nice home that is very affordable, and we got sealed as a family. Life cant get much better. We get along great and still are head over heals for each other. Joe told my family and I on my anniversary that he is more in love with me today than the day we got married. I loved that, I think that's the way it should be. He is such a good dad and loves his boys so much. I am such a lucky girl to found my price charming.

Haloween 2011

The weekend before Haloween we went to our local corn maze and pumkin patch. They also had a petting zoo, lots of slides, swings, and a awesome trampoline. The weekend after we went with some friends and Joe dressed up as Avatar, he painted his self for like three hours. He won best costume of the night. That night Dayson was also a little greese. Haloween day Dayson dressed up as Woody and he was so dang cute. We went trick or treating all around our nighboorhood and towards the end he new exactly what to do. He would walk by a house and head for the door to get candy. Having our little Dace makes the holidays so much fun.

Family Pics 2011

We took our 2011 family picture in Salt lake and they turned out so cute....


The first of October our family went to Fright mares at Lagoon. The weather was looking pretty bad the days before, but we lucked out, it didn't rain it was just a little cold. I dressed everyone warm and the way we went. Dylan and Dayson loved all the rides. Joe and I both rode the catapult and the skyscraper. I think after having a baby your body changes because I do not remember those rides being as scary, now I just am a wimp. Joe is also a wimp he said that on the way up on the skyscraper he wanted to tell the people to let him down, but he kept looking at my sisters and I across from him and we didn't back our so his prideful self made him last the whole way through the ride. After that all of my family went and took old western pictures, I think these are some of the funnest pictures to take. The boys all loved holding guns and dressing up. We want to make going to lagoon a yearly trip we had a blast.